Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holiday Photo Cards 2009

1. Wishing you Joy

2. Merry and Happy Hill

3. Merry Tree

4. Happy Holiday Hill

7. Pink Birdie

8. Candy Cane Stripe hill

9. Multi Dots holidays

10. happy Holidays Harris

12. Have yourself a merry little

13. From our house to yours

14. Red dot green CJ

15. Eides dots

16. Ho HO Ho

18. Blue Snowflake

19. Multi words

21. big hill ornaments

22. Merry Twins

29. Full Photo happy holiday

30. red snowflake

31. tan thompsons

33. merry red dots

34. Merry Green dots

37. Damask Red

38. Damask Green

39. White happy holidays

41. Merry and happy white and red hill dots

42. multi stripe pink snowflake

44. candy canes

45. Zebra red

46. brown and pink birdie

48. brown colorful happy holidays

49. blue and red dot brisiel

50. blue birdie

51. Merry Schwartzman Ornaments

52. Presents Schwartzmans

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Mandy said...

I LOVE THEM!! I'm so glad that you have them up already...there are so many that I like this year, it is going to take me forever to decide! I'll let you know when I make up my mind :)

Lindsay said...

Hi~I spoke to you at Candy Cane Lane today. I have a Fall family photo that we just had taken in Oct. and would like to use it for our Christmas card picture. We are wearing mostly chocolate brown with a little light blue and the photos are outside, but I want to make them look Christmasy with your help! I've looked over the choices~it's so hard to narrow down~you have so many great designs! I will e-mail you our photo to see what looks best. Thanks! Lindsay M.